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Absolute Beginner's Guide

Logic Pro X 100


Learning a new DAW isn't easy. Especially one as deep as Logic Pro X! That's why we asked Logic Certified Trainer, Booker Edwards, to create this beginners' guide. Learn Logic the "right" way and start making music now!

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1 Welcome 01:37
2 Downloading & Installing LPX 06:36
3 Opening LPX for the First Time 05:00

Course Overview

Booker Edwards Jr.

Booker Edwards Jr.

Logic's got dozens of tools that do complex actions... A complicated, interactive GUI... Many different types of tracks... Unlimited ways to edit audio and MIDI... Loops... Libraries... the list goes on and on! But DON'T PANIC, we've got you covered!

This course is designed to completely demystify Logic Pro X and get you producing music really, really fast! Apple Certified Logic Trainer, Booker Edwards, knows how to teach Logic Pro X. In fact, he has successfully taught Logic to many hundreds of beginners and pros alike, getting them familiar and very comfortable with all of Logic's amazing features and functions.

Whether your a newbie to DAWs, or a seasoned producer switching over from a software platform like Pro Tools, this course will explain all the essential stuff you need to know about the basic workings of Logic Pro. Completing this Absolute Beginner's Guide will give you the strong foundation you need to tackle all of the other courses in our ever-expanding Logic Pro X course library. So, let's get started!